About us :

Tourism marketing platform is an Egyptian shareholding company, it employs a group of specialized cadres in tourism marketing field, E-marketing, digital marketing, information systems and content writing with the best professional search engine optimization ( SEO) In order to increase the number of tourists incoming to Egypt through the Egyptian tourism companies licensed by the Ministry of Tourism.

Platform purpose :

Deeper marketing for the tourism companies / agencies to attract the largest number of tours inquires whom wish to come to Egypt thorough the companies / agencies which are already registered in the site via the private e-mail that belong to each company separated to make a direct contact between the tourist and the travel company which comes to a lot of benefits to the tourist to receive lots of offers from different companies to compare between offers and indeed to choose the best offer among all travel agencies in the site 

The way that platform works :

The platform makes a direct link among customers from 85 countries around the world and among Egyptian tourism companies/agencies, as soon as the client search for a tour or a budget or a hotel reservation in Egypt or the middle east, the platform provides Tips and suggestions for visiting Egypt and this is the reason why the customer picks Egypt as a priority destination for his next trip

The next step which is the important step that makes our website unique is the tourist request will be sent directly to customer services to ensure and check out the request preventing any bad links as well as ensuring the honesty of the request, the customer services will send the tourist request to all travel companies suppliers which are participating in the platform (www.egypttraveltips.com) then the tourism companies submit their offers to the client (tourist) via their own email to the tourist directly, the tourist choose the best offers from all tourism companies offers.

Platform registration : 

  • Tourism companies click at registration at the right top of the platform
  • Fill in the tourism company data 

The most important steps required :

  • The tourism company must be licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism
  • The receiving email for the request is the same as the e-mail linked to the company's website

an example our platform is www.egypttraveltips.com so the emails must be 

 info@egypttraveltips.com – sales@egypttraveltips.com – reservation@egypttraveltips.com 

  •  the letter (@) doesn’t matter, all that matters is the company link name attached after the letter (@) 
  • Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail….etc. is forbidden for receiving emails 
  • The requests from clients will be sent to all companies at once then all companies must provide a respond attached with full details about (itinerary-included-overview….etc.)

Dispute Settlement :

  • If there is any complaint about not providing good service from the tour company to the customer, the company will be warned twice, the requests would be blocked in the third time.
  • If a complaint about a scam or a monument the company requests receiving will stop until dispute settlement contact with the company and the client to measure the problem and decide if the complaint is truth or false, Request continues to be withheld from the tour operator if fraud is confirmed or return the requests if the fraud is not confirmed.
  • The Tourism Company shall not have the right to claim the Platform to complete the contract period which is one year if the Tourism Company avoids any fraud or fraud on the clients.

Terms & Conditions :

  • The site of the tourist marketing platform was established in order to increase the volume of tourist attraction to Egypt and increase the number of tourists coming through the Egyptian tourism companies licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, after the proliferation of unlicensed websites that sell flights to Egypt without paying the right of the state or taxes, which has a direct impact on the financial income of tourism companies and led some companies for bankruptcy, therefore, the site sign a contract with the tourism companies licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and subject to the provisions of Egyptian law.
  • Tourist companies are accepted to participate in the site must be a category (A) only and verified by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.
  • A limited number of tourism companies are accepted and the more numbers of tourism companies participate on the site, the greater numbers of incoming requests so that there is more opportunity for the tourism companies to be distributed evenly.

Standards & tips for tourism companies :

To get as many customers as possible, the tourism company must follow a set of rules:

1- Quick respond : 

Whenever a quick respond reaches the client, they get the idea of dealing with a strong company with a lot of background and experience in the tourism field.

2- price : 

the cheapest prices isn’t the best strategy to reach client satisfaction in reservations field, we can’t deny that there is a big percentage of client's look forward to cheapest prices but the main strategy about prices rely on value of the product and itinerary with a charming way striking the luxury customers, as an example people who search for spiritual tours, so the main point here is the value of what has been presented is equal to what will be paid.

3- Coordination :

The way the program is coordinated and written easily and smoothly plays a big role for the client in understanding what will be offered to him and preferably be

Write the program on a page bearing the logo of the company and its name and license number from the Ministry of Tourism and on the bottom of the page shows the title

Telephones and the company's website

Confidence :

  • When you write an e-mail and you want the other party, the customer to believe you and he does not know you, you must support what you say with an evidence, There are some people in the world understand from their ears so you must provide the link of your company of the most known sites in the world like TripAdvisor or provide your page on Facebook so that will Deliver customer feedback to in a good recommendation. 
  • You must attach a visible and clear website for your company in our platform with a high-quality logo as well as backlinks to show your location with the privileges of your google business account which will help you a lot to earn the customer trust. 
  • You prefer to upload exclusive photos or videos of trips you supplied to show customers that you work in the travel field for so long and to let them see with their own eyes your products and transportation and guides. 
  • It’s so necessary to put a phone number to the customer that reached you with a visible name and personal data to earn his trust, attaching your social media account like (Facebook – WhatsApp – IMO – viper).
  • Be aware that nations who like to travel a lot trust so much in other people's recommendation on your company so try your best to always offer the most comfortable services and products to receive loads of customers in short time so the customer relatives and friends will also visit Egypt via your company.
  • Don’t ever try to see the customer as just a customer to take all benefits and make money as big as you wish by this customer but try to make the customer as a friend to your company give him or her the best deals don’t mug them and put your benefits with a reasonable price and when they trust you, you will start selling all your optional tours to them and believe me you will be satisfied and the customer will also be satisfied at the end of the trip. 
  • Deal with all nationalities like the same or treat them like VIP customers all the time cause you already accepted the amount of trip that they paid and you both agreed to give them the holiday they deserve as they imagined and put their trust on you and if their offer is cheap to refuse it from the first day and don’t take their request from the beginning.