About Egypt It Is The Cradle Of Civilization, The Source Of Religions And The Gate Way To Africa.

About Egypt Its Over 50 Centuries Engendered The Development Of Culture & Civilization; Paranoiac, Christian, & Islamic; And, All During Those Long Years, Has Generously Contributed To Europe.

About Egypt It Was The First State To Establish A System Of Administration & A Capital With The Administrative & Religious Centers.

Today Cairo Is The Foremost Capital On The African Continent & Lies At The Center Of All Routes Leading To & From The Capitals Of The 3 Continents; Asia, Africa & Europe.

About Egypt Egypt It The Cradle Of Civilization From Time Immemorial, Has Been Blessed With An Excellent Climate That Made It The Center Of Attraction.

1 - About Egyptian Geography

Location:North Africa, Bordering The Mediterranean Sea, Between Libya & Gaza Strip, & Red Sea North Of The Sudan, & Includes The Asian Sinai Peninsula.

Geographic Coordinates: 27 00 N, 30 00 E

Tropic Of Cancer Is Passing In The South Of Egypt, Through Lake Nasser.

Map References : Africa 

Area : Total: About 1,001,000 Sq. Km. Land: 995,000 Sq. Km. Water: 6,000 Sq. Km.

Land Boundaries: Total: 2,665 Km.  Boarder Countries: Gaza Strip 11 Km. Palestine 266 Km. Libya 1,115 Km. The Sudan 1,273 Km.

Coast Line: 2,450 Km.

2 - About Egypt Climate :

Desert; Hot, Dry, Summers With Moderate Winters.

3 - Terrain :

Vast Desert Plateau Interrupted By Nile Valley & Delta.

4 - Elevation Extremes :

Lowest Point: Qattara Depression -133 M

Highest Point: Mount Catherine 2,629 M

5 - About Egypt Natural Resources :

Petroleum, Natural Gas, Iron Ore

Phosphates, Manganese, Limestone

Gypsum, Talc, Lead, Zinc

6 - About Egypt Land Use :

Arable Land: About 3%

Permanent Crops: 0.47%

Irrigated Land: 33,000 Sq Km (1998 Est.) 

7 - Environment & Natural Hazards :

Frequent Earthquakes, Landslides

Hot Driving Windstorm Called “Khamasin”, Sandstorm

Increasing Soil Salivation, Desertification, Oil Pollution, Water Pollution

8 - About People Of Egypt :


About 77,000,000 (2004 Est.)

Age Structure:

00-14 Years: About 33.5%

15-64 Years: About 62%

65 Years & Over: About 4.5% (2004 Est.)

Ethnic Groups :

Egyptian, Bedouins, Berbers, Greek, Nubian, Armenian, Other 99%

European 1%

9 - About Egyptian Religions :

Muslim 94%

Christian & Other 6%

10 - About Egyptian  Languages :

Arabic (Official)

English & French Understood By Educated Classes

11 - About Egyptian Government :

Country Name:

Conventional Long Form: Arab Republic Of Egypt

Conventional Short Form: Egypt

Local Short Form: Misr

Government Type: Republic

Capital: Cairo

26 Governorates (Muhafazat) Such As: Cairo, Giza, Alex, South Sinai, Minufiyah, Fayoum, Suey, Port Sa’id, Al Minya, Asyut, Qena, Luxor, Aswan …… Etc.

Independence From Uk: 1922

National Day: 23 July 1952 (Revolution Day)

Suffrage 18 Years Of Age

12 - About  Egypt Economy :

Sources Of Income :

Custom Duties & Taxes, Tourism, Suez Canal, Oil, Agriculture, Industry ……

Unemployed Rate:

About 10% (2003 Est.)

Exports – Goods:

 Crude Oil & Petroleum Products, Cotton, Textiles, Chemicals, Metal Products

Exports – Partners:

Us, Italy, Uk, France

Imports – Goods:

Machinery & Equipment, Foodstuffs, Wood Products, Fuels, Chemicals

Imports – Partners:

Us, Germany, Italy, France, China


Egyptian Pound (Egp)

13 - About Egypt  Communication:

Telephones – Main Lines

Mobile Cellular

Radio Broadcast: Am, Fm

Tv Broadcast (1995)

Internet Country Code:  .Eg

14 - About Egypt  Transportation:

Railways: More Than 5,000 Km

Highways: More Than 64,000 Km

Waterways: 3,500 Km

Ports & Harbors:

Alex., Damietta, Hurghada, Safaga, Port Said, Quseir, Marsa Matruh, Suez, Asyut, Aswan